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Fall Car Care Tip

As summer heat gives way to cooler days, it’s time to think of your vehicle. Staying on top of your vehicle’s care is one of the best ways to keep your vehicle running smoothly – especially in preparation for the cold months ahead. Visit us for a Fall...
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1. Make sure you have a heavy-duty ice scraper and snow brush in your vehicle. 2. Cold weather reduces tire pressure, so check tire pressure often. See your Owner’s Manual for directions and details. 3. Check your wiper blades. Cold temperatures can make blades brittle, and ice on the windshield can cause nicks in the blades, decreasing...
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What’s That Dash Light?

checkengine What’s That Dash Light? You’re driving down the road and all of a sudden a dash light illuminates showing an icon of a battery or the word “CHARGE.” + What does it mean? The battery has an insufficient charge to power the vehicle’s electrical systems and accessories. + What action...
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Talk the Tech Talk

1. ROUGH IDLE — The engine runs unevenly at idle and the vehicle may also shake. 2. SLUGGISH — With this condition, the engine delivers limited power under load or at high speed; it won’t accelerate as fast as normal; it loses too much speed going up hills and may have less speed than normal....
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