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Heating and Air Conditioning

Radiator and Cap – Radiator uses air flow to dissipate heat from coolant and the rad cap controls system pressure lowering the boiling point. Orifice Tube / Expansion Valve – Controls refrigerant flow in the A/C system. Accumulator / Receiver / Drier Tank – Used on low/high pressure side to filter refrigerant. Condenser – Dissipates heat from refrigerant and changes its state from...
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Tune Ups

It's Time for the 21st Century Tune-up

Times are are changing. One of the biggest changes in today's automotive industry is the perception of a "tune-up." Ask 10 vehicle owners their definition of a tune-up and chances are there'll be 10 different answers. The classic "tune-up" was once the heart of the automotive business and...
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1. Make sure you have a heavy-duty ice scraper and snow brush in your vehicle. 2. Cold weather reduces tire pressure, so check tire pressure often. See your Owner’s Manual for directions and details. 3. Check your wiper blades. Cold temperatures can make blades brittle, and ice on the windshield can cause nicks in the blades, decreasing...
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Talk the Tech Talk

1. ROUGH IDLE — The engine runs unevenly at idle and the vehicle may also shake. 2. SLUGGISH — With this condition, the engine delivers limited power under load or at high speed; it won’t accelerate as fast as normal; it loses too much speed going up hills and may have less speed than normal....
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