Summer Update / Fall Reminders

We hope this newsletter finds you all well and enjoying this fantastic summer weather (finally!).

We will be on vacation August 25th to September 5th and will be closing the shop to do so. Please call our shop number for details in case of emergency.

When we get back, our son William will be joining our Team. He has spent the last 2 years at Automotive Business School ~Georgian College. Looking for some insider information on the latest in vehicles, just pop in and ask him. He recently finished up a co-op with the Canadian Auto Shows travelling across Canada visiting Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton and Calgary.


Rebates are on October until Dec 23rd. On a set of 4 receive up to $80.00


Pick a card up next Time you’re in. AC Delco Roadside Assistance program offers Roadside for a 12 month period after each time you are in!


Need to rent a car? – No problem. Enterprise is next door. Just tell them you are our customer and receive a special rate. Rentals start at 35.00/day. Visit Enterprise for more details.


Tires: Keeping tires properly inflated and routinely checking tread depth is critical to safety. Tire pressures, including the spare tire, should be checked at least once a month, and when tread depth reaches 4/32″ we recommend replacing them . Keep the lug nut key with the spare tire or in the glove box please.

Batteries: Extreme heat and cold are hard on automotive batteries. Heat from the summer increases the internal battery temperatures allowing the lead plates to corrode and deteriorate. The higher the internal battery temperature plus the number of times the battery reaches a high internal temperature affects and reduces battery service life. BAM! In comes Cooler Weather. The cooler the ambient temperature (below 26 C) the more energy is required from the battery in order to start a vehicles engine. Cooler temperatures also result in a reduction of the battery’s recharge efficiency, and increasing the risk of failure. Don’t get stuck out in the Cold – Have your Battery and charging system tested spring and fall.

“While problems with batteries, and tires are common, there are more than 12 million calls each year related to engine trouble, fuel issues and others.”

(Maintenance Interval reports are available upon request.)

October is Car Safety Month. Visit Be Car Care Aware for more details.

October to December can be a busy time of year here at the Auto Clinic, so please remember to book your fall service in advance to ensure space.

From our family to yours, Drive Safe!

– Your friends at the Auto Clinic