2083IMG00010Our entire repair is backed by a 90 day warranty on labour and up to 24 months on most parts. When you leave here you should be completely satisfied – if you’re not happy we are not happy.

If you find yourself wondering which questions to ask your technician when your vehicle is in for service or repair? Check out our list of “Frequently Asked Questions” to help you next time you’re in.

When you see our technicians for repair or maintenance, you can expect thorough, reliable vehicle care. You can also expect your technician to answer any questions about your vehicle’s needs. If you know which relevant questions to ask your technician, then you’ll be better prepared and informed through every step of vehicle service.

Here is a short list of questions below. Check Your owner’s manual for proper service intervals.


Oil Change, Filters and Fluids

How often should I get an oil change?

Is the oil you’re using the right type for my vehicle and driving habits?

How often does my air filter need to be changed?

When my fluids are low, will my vehicle alert me?


Tire Service

If my car begins shaking at higher speeds, are my tires the problem?

Are my driving habits affecting my vehicle’s tire wear?

What are the consequences if an incorrect tire size is installed on my car?

How do I determine proper air tire pressure?

Do front and rear tires require the same amount of pressure?

How will my vehicle be affected if there is too much or too little air pressure in the tires?


Wheel Alignment

Does alignment service affect all four wheels?

Will you road-test my vehicle to make sure it is properly aligned?

Does improper wheel alignment cause poor tire wear or cause my vehicle to pull to one side?

Can an alignment problem lead to worn steering and suspension parts?



What is my vehicle’s ideal tune-up service interval?

Does the “Service Engine Soon” light tell me when my vehicle needs a tune-up?

What are the possible problems when my “Service Engine Soon” light appears?

Is it possible for my vehicle to pass an emissions test if the “Service Engine Soon” light is on?


Fuel Systems

Fuel Systems Serviced:

Fuel Pump
Fuel sender
Fuel line
Fuel pressure sensor
Fuel injectors
Throttle body
Throttle body positioning sensor
Fuel Tank