Filter Facts

Oil filter– Helps keep vitally important engine oil clean. It can capture contaminants that can affect the engine’s performance and life span.


Engine air filter – Helps block particles that are harmful to the engine’s combustion chambers such a small dirt particle and road salt


Cabin air filter– Designed to filter out common airborne pollutants from the interior of the vehicle, including molds, pollen, allergens, smoke, fumes and odors. When changed regularly, cabin air filters can help reduce wear on the vehicle’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.


Fuel filter– Maintains a consistent fuel flow helping prevent contaminants — including dirt, scale and rust — from flowing into it. Fuel filters are used on all types of vehicles, including modern fuel injected models and those with older, carburete


Transmission filter– Designed to help maintain the operating life of the transmission and keep it operating at optimum levels. offers a wide variety of them to fit many of the vehicles on the road today. As we mentioned above, the filters on your vehicle require periodic replacement. The replacement schedule— even for oil filters and engine air filters — varies among vehicles. If you’re not sure when to change each filter, consult the experts